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experts servicing

Organizations collect and store countless pieces of business and financial data on a daily basis.
And every day, Globalsult helps them transform this operational data into strategic insights to make smarter business decisions; into reliable information that reflects the company’s real-time performance; into quickly and easily accessed information that can be retrieved from any computer or mobile device.

We are
performance accelerators dedicated to your teams

Our team includes more than fifteen experts working with clients across Canada. Every team member, from project managers, architects and analysts to developers and trainers, focuses their skills and experience to deliver superior service within the framework of Globalsult’s values.


Our clients’ success is what drives us. By providing clients with the right tools to make the best use of their data, we support their ability to stay agile and to capitalize on new competitive advantages.


We bring together first-class resources – both people and technology – to deliver robust, efficient, scalable solutions.


Ours is a fast-paced, cutting-edge industry where technology evolves all the time. We bring our clients the latest innovations to meet their needs.


We are committed to fully supporting our clients in every project, from the first stages to successful completion. As such, every team member is personally invested in our clients’ success.

We are

architects of growth and trust

We take great pride in our commitment to customer service and the fact that we have never lost a client. The very same organizations who put their trust in our expertise when we launched our company in 1999 remain loyal customers today, and our client list keeps growing. Our reputation for client retention is a tribute to our customer service excellence and to the quality of the solutions we recommend, design and implement for our partners.