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Data management and analytical solutions

We believe that your business information should become a full asset that enables your management teams to make the right decisions based on accurate and precise information.

Opportunities and challenges are often found hidden inside your data

Therefore, it is important for a company to be able to identify, measure and control the data. Globalsult can help you define, maintain and control the strategic aspects of your business

Put technology at work to turn your data into results

With a powerful analytics solution, you’ll have access to data at the right time so you can make informed decisions with confidence, when you want and with the device of your choice.
1. Analyze and diagnose your context
The analysis and diagnosis allows a better understanding of your information environment, identify gaps, and identify areas for improvement. Following the assessment of your environment, Globalsult can provide solutions to address your challenges, taking into account your organizational and budgetary reality.
2. Manage and Integrate your data sources

Based on our experience, we have found that corporate data never comes from a single system. This is why we offer a data integration and warehousing service to centralize your data in one place and facilitate operations, thereby fostering value creation.


Globalsult facilitates integration and warehousing according to specified needs:


i. ETL
ii. Multiplatform
iii. Cloud computing and On premise
iv. All types of data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured)

3. Optimize your environments and processes

Optimization is a way to make your information environment more efficient, both in automated processing and in your process’s performance.

In fact, Globalsult can help you:

i. Eliminate the use of tabular, text or CSV files
ii. Converge your data sources in a unified, secure, standardized and controlled environment
iii. Optimize the performance of your platform
iv. Configure to minimize costs
v. To put in place governance and industry best practices

4. Model your data

It can be very disappointing when the implementation of an analytical solution cannot be directly exploited by data consumers. Data valuation must go through self-service access. A well-thought-out model greatly facilitates the use as well as the loading and maintenance of your information environment.

Globalsult can help you set up a simple, self-service interface that will empower departments to prepare analysis, reports, and dashboards.

5. Produce engaging and eye-catching visualizations

Visualization allows you to make your data speak through reports and dashboards. However, visualization isn't just that! It must allow the best decisions to be taken at the right time and with the right tools.

Globalsult can help you design effective visualizations for decision-making users by providing interactive, eye-catching tools that capture the interest of the things that matter most to you.

6. Make better decisions

Decision-making based on the accurate and right information increases the chances of success of your strategies and promotes the growth of your organization.