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IBM Redesigns its Flagship BI Solution

IBM Redesigns its Flagship BI Solution with Built-In Smarts for Accelerated Modeling and Reporting

Cognos Analytics: Top Release Features

Scheduled for general release by the end of 2015, Cognos Analytics promises an improved total experience for the entire analytics community from the business user to the IT developer, delivering enhanced usability focused on bringing together self-service and governance, two areas often thought to be incompatible.

With the redesign of Cognos Analytics, business users and IT professionals will be able to author and distribute reports, and access self-service dashboards about things that matter to their business, like monthly financial reports, weekly sales pipeline trends, daily production yields, hourly inventory levels – and do so from any device anywhere.

 New features include:

  • Intent-driven modeling environment:With new intent-driven modeling capabilities, novice users can easily pull together the data they need without having to understand the technical details of the data sources. For example, by simply typing the words “revenue,” “product” and “department,” Cognos Analytics can interpret the user’s intent, search the data sources for those attributes and then propose the model to use.
  • Smarter search that works in-context:Smarter search is enabled throughout the solution to help users quickly and easily find relevant content and accelerate the completion of tasks. In authoring mode, for example, a user can type “chart” and smart search instantly points to the right menu to add it. The user can even be guided to the most appropriate visualization for that data. As a result, line-of-business users can quickly and easily create their own reports and dashboards without help from IT – while power users still have access to all the detailed capabilities they need.
  • A single environment for all types of business reporting:Cognos Analytics provides the full spectrum of enterprise and departmental reporting in one solution – from production managed reports to self-service authored reports and dashboards. This single environment provides the same experience in the office, on the road and on any device, to help satisfy the business demand for insight while helping to reduce IT backlogs. It can also help to ensure everyone is working from the same data, and can easy communicate and collaborate across teams and share information and findings instantly.


Watson Analytics

With self-service design principles in common, Watson Analytics opens the door to agile and empowered user discovery, analysis predictions and compelling visualization which now pairs with the new Cognos Analytics as the indispensable trusted and scalable source of enterprise BI.


 “IBM helps enterprises across all industries extract new insights from the explosion of available data to drive competitive advantage,” said Beth Smith, GM, IBM Analytics Platform.


With a Cognos Analytics, we have reimagined BI, delivering a modern user experience for business users, helping them gain the self-service independence they want without compromising the trusted scale an enterprise platform IT needs. Now our clients can gain the insights to effectively manage and improve the outcomes of their business.”

Watch IBM’s introduction videos and demonstrations.

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Georges Daccache
President, Globalsult