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New Cognos Analytics – Tested by Globalsult

IBM released on December 23rd the new and redesigned Cognos. This release is technically Cognos version 11 but it’s being rebranded as “Cognos Analytics” and marketed almost as a separate product. So what really changes when IBM adds the word “Analytics” to their flagship business intelligence solution?

IBM redesigned the user experience for its Cognos Analytics business intelligence software based on the same self-service design principles as Watson Analytics.

Tested by Globalsult

Globalsult performed a series of tests with the new functionalities of Cognos Analytics and successfully simulated migrations from Cognos 10 to version 11. We are looking forward to show you the new functionalities as well as some features you might need help with.

Migration Path

Great news for current Cognos users: all the same Cognos 10 functionalities are still available in Cognos Analytics, but now it has a new and improved interface and user experience mirrored after the same self-service design principles as Watson Analytics.

First of all, you can upgrade and still run Cognos 10 the way it is today.  This allows users time to get familiar with Cognos Analytics and upgrade reports easily when they are ready to go ahead.

Cognos Analytics V11 was designed for organizations, both small and large, that seek to capture the collective intelligence across their business ecosystems, analyze decisions from both past and present, and improve future outcomes.

Built for sharing knowledge across the organization

Cognos Analytics is built upon a proven platform that is capable of satisfying enterprise needs for scalability, governance, security, and performance that IT demands while improving user design for self-service and decision making. One environment that connects teams, departments, and large enterprises means no time-consuming and costly migrations or shuffling files between disparate desktop tools. More importantly, Cognos Analytics gives organizations the ability to easily share knowledge across hundreds or thousands of users and their ecosystems as well as power the decisions and actions that drive business results.

Cognos Analytics V11 enhancements

Cognos Analytics V11 enhances the efficiency and capabilities of business users, report authors, and administrators alike through a simplification of and the graduated nature of its user experience. The solution offers more capabilities by allowing users to reduce or eliminate IT intervention for many previous tasks. This gives users more self-service options and ultimately advances the analytic expertise of the enterprise. In the past, users might have utilized a range of different tools to accomplish similar goals. They can now capture insights more efficiently through a guided experience that interprets their intent and supports them with a suggested path, leading where they want to go.

Cognos Analytics V11 will help you:

  • Improve the spectrum and confidence of reporting while using trusted and curated data from existing sources.
  • Reuse content from others and share personal insights at the scale-of-the-business without time-consuming migration.
  • Use hybrid cloud capabilities by working from on-premises and cloud deployments while accessing dozens of data sources (on-premises and cloud-based).

 “IBM helps enterprises across all industries extract new insights from the explosion of available data to drive competitive advantage,”


 “With Cognos Analytics, we have re-imagined BI, delivering a modern user experience for business users, helping them gain the self-service independence they want without compromising the trusted scale an enterprise platform IT. ” said Beth Smith, General Manager of the IBM Analytics Platform, in a statement.

The redesigned product also features smarter search that works in-context. Smarter search is designed to help users easily find relevant content and accelerate the completion of tasks without help from IT – while power users still have access to all the detailed capabilities they need.

Improved business reporting capabilities

Cognos Analytics also provides a single environment for all types of business reporting. The product delivers the full spectrum of enterprise and departmental reporting, from production managed reports to self-service authored reports and dashboards. This single environment provides the same experience in the office, on the road and on any device. It can also help to ensure everyone is working from the same data, and can easily communicate and collaborate across teams and share information and findings instantly.

Find out how IBM’s latest generation of analytics opens up the world of advanced analysis to all business users from a single analytics destination on the cloud.

Globalsult Migration Services
Globalsult can assess the migration path you’ll need for your organization to upgrade to Cognos Analytics.


For more info,  visit our Cognos Analytics page.

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George Daccache, President