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Business intelligence (BI) is the process of gathering an organization’s most important data, analyzing it in real time, and transforming it into clear, actionable insights for managers and stakeholders to help them make better, more informed business decisions.

As industry experts with over 15 years’ experience, Globalsult will fully support you to manage your data, from storage through to the creation of ready-to-use dashboards.

> Create or optimize your data warehouse
Agregate and standardize data from different operational systems in one central location to facilitate data mining for analytics. Globalsult will help you create a data warehouse, or, if one already exists, maximize its functionality to improve performance.

> Build a data mart to facilitate access to insights and improve decision-making at multiple levels.

> Implement a customized business intelligence platform
In addition to building a BI environment tailored to your needs and goals, we will install and configure BI tools on your servers, ensure performance optimization, and provide knowledge transfer to your teams.

> Implement a self-service information environment to give your teams greater autonomy and flexibility in preparing their own analyses, and producing strategic information.

> Create efficient, user-friendly dashboards
In line with your organization’s strategic plan and industry best practices, we will help you define the dashboard content that’s most relevant and useful to your decision-makers. Our 3M solution (Measure, Monitor, Manage) includes a rigorous methodology for defining key performance indicators and creating dashboards.

Business Intelligence Solutions – IBM Cognos Mobile (Dashboards)

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