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IBM Cognos Analytics

Our team has already supported more than 50 companies during the deployment or upgrade of the IBM Cognos Analytics solution. We have also helped dozens of clients to stabilize their environment, improve their performance and set up development and governance standards.

Discover a complete BI solution offering faster, more reliable data preparation and reporting.

What is IBM
Cognos Analytics?

Cognos Analytics is an AI-powered BI platform that supports the entire analysis cycle, from discovery to operationalization.

Visualize, analyze and share actionable insights into your data with everyone in your business.

Deploy where and when you need it with support for multicloud environments – public, private, on-premises and on IBM Cloud Pak ™ for Data.

Cognos Analytics?

Find out how automated methods of preparing, discovering, and visualizing data can help you make better decisions.

Speed up data preparation with AI

Use built-in AI to speed up and improve data grouping or find the optimal tables for your model

Automate data mining

Artificial intelligence helps uncover trends and hidden factors so you can know the facts behind your data and provide real-time insight.

View and report on data

Create powerful visualizations, story telling, and share information via email, Slack, or mobile application.

Improve and integrate

Bring advanced analytics and data science into daily operations and seize new opportunities.

Protect your data

Governed self-service adapts to your needs and protects data from misuse.

Modernize and maximize your investments

Deploy it! Where you need it - on-premises, in the cloud, on IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, or on a hybrid option.

Features of Cognos Analytics

Prepare and connect data automatically

Save time cleaning your data with AI-assisted data preparation. Cleanse and prepare data from multiple sources, add calculated fields, join data, and create new tables.

Create and distribute personalized reports

Keep your employees up to date. Create and share dynamic, personalized, multi-page reports in the formats your employees want.

Connect your data effortlessly

Import data from CSV files and spreadsheets. Connect to cloud or on-premises data sources such as SQL databases, Google BigQuery, Amazon, Redshift, etc.

Be mobile

Stay connected on the go with the new mobile app. Access data and receive alerts directly to your phone, 24/7.

Uncover hidden insights

Ask the AI Assistant a question in plain language, and see the answer in a visualization. Use time series modeling to predict seasonal trends.

Make data driven decisions

Get deeper insights without data science knowledge. Validate what you know, identify what you don't know with statistically accurate time series forecasts, and highlight models to consider.

Easily create dynamic dashboards

Quickly create engaging and interactive dashboards. Drag and drop data to automatically create generated visualizations, access more details and share them via email or Slack.


Why Globalsult?

Over the years, Globalsult has developed a specific and recognized expertise for the analytical suites of IBM and Microsoft around which we build our tailor-made solutions. Contact us to chat with one of our advisors, or to get a free evaluation.