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IBM Planning Analytics

By working closely with your finance department, our certified experts help you implement tools and develop best practice solutions and improve your financial processes through their experience in finance and financial planning tools.

Inject automation and analytical power into your workflows

IBM Planning Analytics is an integrated planning solution that uses AI to automate planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Your workflows are smarter.

Based on IBM’s powerful compute engine TM1, this enterprise performance management tool allows you to transcend the limits of manual planning and become the analytical expert your business needs. Easily and quickly get more accurate plans for Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), sales, supply chain, and more.

Main advantages

Planning associated with AI

Automated model building, natural language processing, and cognitive assistance simplify and accelerate the creation of a precise plan.

Collaboration within the company

Eliminate silos, unify data, and synchronize planning across the enterprise to reveal all of your data to build integrated plans.

Flexible deployment

Choose between on-premise or cloud-based (or both) and access the same data anytime, anywhere.

Superior scalability for growing businesses

Get insights quickly and adjust plans in real time (even as the data gets more complex) without changing existing business processes.

Improved functionality for spreadsheets

Protect your Microsoft Excel investment while transcending the limits of spreadsheets. Use a familiar interface with more robust features.

Unique location

Any IBM partner will be able to tackle today's business challenges and plan for the future with a suite of solutions designed to support the entire analytical journey.

Main features

Microsoft Excel interface

Don't give up on spreadsheets, make them evolve. Keep the traditional MS Excel interface you know and love. Add advanced tools like multidimensional analysis and planning. Reduce training, increase impact.

Integrated data analysis features

Uncover deep insights using robust analysis and reporting tools, via dashboard creation, Microsoft Excel and IBM Cognos Analytics, without the help of a data scientist or an analyst. You no longer have to export data to another tool, all features are included.

What-if scenario tests

Discover the impact of your decisions before planning them by exploring limitless what-if scenarios. In a flexible private sandbox environment, you can test as many options as you need to make the most strategic decision for your business. Any IBM partner will be able to meet today's business challenges and plan for the future with a suite of solutions designed to support the entire analytics journey.


Why Globalsult?

Over the years, Globalsult has developed a specific and recognized expertise for the analytical suites of IBM and Microsoft around which we build our tailor-made solutions. Contact us to chat with one of our advisors, or to get a free evaluation.